What is Technology and its Types

February 11, 2024 Afzal 0

Technology Technology is the application of scientific knowledge and techniques to solve practical problems, accomplish tasks, or achieve specific goals. It encompasses a wide range […]

Population distribution of a country

Aging population

November 2, 2023 Afzal 0

Population distribution in a country What Worlds says about an aging population Populations are aging at an unprecedented rate. This demographic shift is a testament […]

Drinking water

Access to Clean Water

November 2, 2023 Afzal 0

Drinking water Water from an improved drinking water source that is available at home, available when needed, and free from fecal and chemical contamination is […]

Racial or ethnic backgrounds

Refugees and Displaced Persons

November 2, 2023 Afzal 0

Refugees and displaced person Refugees and displaced persons are one of the most important humanitarian challenges of our time. Forced to leave their homes due […]