How to Lock the Telegram application on Android and iOS Phones

how to lock telegram on android

Locking the Telegram application is an easy task, but not a few people already know about things like that because there are also many new Telegram users may not be aware of this feature. While there fore, in this article we have prepared a tutorial on how to lock the Telegram application easily and quickly.
There are lots of applications that we usually use without having to lock them, but actually this can be our privacy because by activating the lock on the application, one of which is Telegram, our messages or conversations cannot be read or seen by other people.
And currently there are quite a few applications that have many superior features, one of the features that users always need is no longer opening security. Therefore, for those of you application users, especially Telegram, who don’t know about the Lock Method, you can immediately see the complete explanation and tutorial as follows.

How to Lock the Telegram Application Easy and Fast

Lock the Telegram application on Android and iOS Phones. May be you are all curious about the Telegram application because the APK has a security feature or is not like the WhatsApp or Line applications and others. Therefore, out of curiosity, you may be very worried if the Telegram application does not have security features, one of which is the message or APK lock feature.
By using this security feature, we can all safely protect messages from other people, especially friends or those closest to us, from being able to see messages or conversations on the Telegram application that we use.
Therefore, actually knowing security or doing How to Lock Applications on Telegram is a job that is not difficult for you to do, but sometimes many new users of the application don’t know things like that, therefore we have prepared several Ways to Lock Telegram Applications for you. see the complete explanation below.

How to Lock Telegram on an Android Phone

For all of you Android device users and maybe you are one of the Telegram application users who don’t know how to lock Telegram on Android cellphone devices. Don’t worry because we have followed an easy tutorial that you can see below.

  • First, make sure you have the Telegram application on your Android cellphone device
    Then you can check the internet connection you have
    Continue opening the Telegram application that you have
    In the initial application display, you can select the panel menu in the top left corner of the screen > Select the settings menu
    Next, you can select privacy and security > Select Passcode Lock
    For those of you who already have a passcode lock, you will be able to lock the Telegram apk using a password or new password
    Then you can immediately enter the new password or passcode
    If so, you can immediately click the check button

How to Lock Telegram on an iPhone

If you have listened to the method and tutorial that we have shared regarding how to lock Telegram on an Android cellphone, now you can also immediately listen to the complete method and tutorial for iPhone device users because we have prepared the steps which you can see below.

  • As above, make sure you have a Telegram account and application on the device you are using
    If so, you can immediately open the Telegram application
    Then you can immediately select the settings menu
    Go to share privacy or security > pass code & touch id or face id
    Next, you can immediately activate the Turn Passcode On setting to create a passcode lock on the Telegram application

How to Lock Telegram on Laptop and PC

After you have listened to all the methods and steps that we have shared above, then you can immediately see how to lock Telegram on a PC or Laptop device if you are using it on that device. The method is quite easy because you can just follow the steps in the explanation below.

  • The first step, you can immediately open the Telegram application on the PC or laptop device you are using
    As usual, once you have entered the Telegram main page, you can click on the panel in the top left corner
    Next, click the settings menu > Select Privacy or Security
    Next, you can select Turn On Local Passcode > Enter the password you want
    If so, click Save > Finish
How to Overcome Forgotten Telegram Password

For those of you iPhone device users, you need to know about the lock passcode on the Telegram application with the account you have because it is different from the iOS lockscreen passcode.
Therefore, if you all forget the Telegram passcode on your iPhone, you have a solution to delete the application and then we can download it again and then log in using that account. Therefore, we suggest that you don’t forget.
So, for you Telegram users on Android cellphone devices, maybe there is a slightly different way if you forget the code, because if you use Android you can clear cache or clear data.
If you still can’t open it using this method, it would be better to use the iPhone method. Delete the application then download it, then you can log in again using your original account. This method is very difficult, therefore we hope you don’t forget your password.

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