How to download other users’ Instagram stories on your mobile


While browsing Instagram, you casually tap stories. A stunning video from your favourite influencer’s vacation appears. Don’t you want to save and replay it? You may easily download Instagram stories to your camera roll. You can store any story permanently with just a few touches. Stop FOMO and fretting about missing out. This method works for public account photographs and videos. Save others’ Instagram stories to your collection using this guide. Read on to learn how to preserve those fleeting stories.

Why You Might Want to Save Someone Else’s Instagram Story

You may save another Instagram story for several reasons:

Memorable Moments

Each of us has witnessed stories that make us laugh or smile. You can relive these memories and mood boosters by saving these stories. Who doesn’t desire a simple way to cheer up?


Many influencers, businesses, and public people share life, careers, hobbies, and travel stories to inspire. Saving an inspiring account’s tales keeps you inspired when you need it.

Learning Opportunities

Some accounts teach about their industry, talents, experiences, or expertise. Save these informative stories to build a personal reference library to study at any time.

Apps That Allow You to Download Instagram Stories

Story Saver

Story Saver is a simple way to preserve an Instagram story. Enter the login of the account you wish to save stories from and the program will detect new stories as they’re uploaded. Save the stories to your camera roll by downloading them. Best of all, the software operates in stealth mode so the other user won’t know you downloaded their story.

Story Reposter

Another popular alternative is Story Reposter. It automatically downloads new stories after you enter your username, like Story Saver. You may repost tales to your Instagram story or feed with Story Reposter. This software makes it easy to share something noteworthy from someone else’s narrative. The app is free but ads-filled.


A full-featured Instagram story downloaded, InsTake makes saving stories to your phone easy. The app will detect new stories within a minute of posting after the username is entered. View, download, and repost the stories at will. And InsTake lets you download stories anonymously without others knowing. The app is free, but a subscription removes ads and adds features.
These applications will ensure you never miss an Instagram story. Save those stories before they disappear! Instagram stories are great to share and watch because they’re fleeting, so respect other users’ privacy when downloading.

Steps to Download Stories with the Story Saver App

A third-party program like Story Saver makes saving Instagram stories to your phone easy. How it works after installation:

Find the Story to Save

Tap the profile photo of the user whose story you want to download on Instagram. View their tale until you find a photo or video to save.

Open the Story Saver App

Open Story Saver on your phone while Instagram is open. Story Saver instantly detects open stories and previews photos and videos.

Download the Selected Story

Save that story to your camera roll by tapping ‘Download’. Downloading takes a second. Even when Instagram deletes it, you can watch it in Story Saver or Photos.

Save Additional Stories (Optional)

Swipe left or right in Instagram to see more stories from that user to save. Story Saver will immediately update with the new story; hit ‘Download’ again to preserve it. Download any number of articles!

View or Share Your Saved Stories

The user who posted your downloaded stories appears in Story Saver. Simply tap a tale to replay it. Any story can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger with friends. Story Saver stores downloaded Instagram stories until you remove them.
Instagram Story Saver makes it easy to save inspiring, entertaining, or moving tales before they disappear. You’ll never miss excellent narrative content again now that you know how!

Saving Stories Without Notifying the User

You want to save an Instagram story but don’t want the user to know you screenshotted it. Instagram has several covert ways to preserve stories.

Disable Read Receipts

Instagram read receipts should be disabled initially. This will hide your story view from the user. In your profile settings, choose “Story Controls,” then disable “Allow Story Reshare.” No longer will the user be notified when you view their story.

Use Third-Party App

A third-party Instagram story saver software is the easiest way to save an Instagram story secretly. Top iOS and Android apps include Story Saver, Story Reposter, and Story Downloader. These apps let you save and browse Instagram stories anonymously. The app loads stories for you to store by entering their usernames.

Take Screenshots Fast

Try quick Instagram story screenshots instead of using an app. Quickly grab many screenshots as the story begins before the view receipt is sent. The faster you take screenshots, the less likely the user will notice you saw their story. This method may miss some of the story, but with practice, you may capture it faster.
Saving someone’s Instagram story without asking can be deceptive, but these methods let you see stories anonymously. If it’s someone you know, ask them directly if you can access or store their tale. Trust and privacy in partnerships are beneficial over time.


That’s it—a simple way to store Instagram stories without screenshots. Downloading stories might be useful for social media roundups or looking back at your best friend’s ladies’ trip photos. Be careful reposting others’ content without permission. You can retain those fleeting photo and video memories forever now that you know how. A neat trick to know!

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