Artistry of Cooking


Cooking art


Cooking is a form of art. Chefs are like painters who use ingredients as their palette and the plate as their canvas. They combine flavors, textures, and colors to create visually stunning and delicious dishes. Molecular gastronomy has pushed the boundaries of culinary art, turning ingredients into foams, gels, and powders, challenging our understanding of food.

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Children, most of us are told not to play with our food, but children are natural artists and the media doesn’t stop them. Maybe they are into something because cooking is an art.

A swirl of sauce here, and a sprinkling of spice there, and maybe a little tangy under the pastry. Then…there’s plating! Plating is like painting and creating visual arts with food. A plate or a plate is the chef’s canvas for the artistic presentation of their masterpiece.

Creative Cooking:

The art of creative cooking is a world of delicious and soul-satisfying delights. Culinary Arts was the dominant reference for home cooks in many English-speaking countries in the second half of the 18th and early 19th centuries and is still used as a reference for food research and historical reconstruction. The book was significantly updated both during his lifetime and after his death.

Some recipes were plagiarized, to the extent that they were copied verbatim from earlier books by other authors. To guard against plagiarism, for example, the title page of the sixth edition warns at its foot: “This book is published by His Majesty’s royal license, and anyone who prints it or any part of it will be prosecuted. “. In addition, the first page of the original text is signed in ink by the author.


Understand the cooking art

When people think of art, they usually envision a painting, sculpture, or any form of visual art. However, cooking is an art that involves not only sight but also taste, smell, and touch. Creativity in cooking, passion, and the ability to convey emotions through dishes have turned it into an art. This section aims to show you how cooking is an art and why it is so important.

The aesthetic side of cooking:

Just like a painter carefully selects colors and arranges them on the canvas, a chef carefully selects ingredients and presents them on the plate. Food presentation is very important in cooking and is as important as the taste. Chefs often pay close attention to the color, shape, and arrangement of food to create a visually appealing dish.Top 10 chefs in Istanbul Turkey Take Over the Modern Restaurants


Cooking Tips and Tricks:

  • Prepare ahead of time. Gathering what you need in advance will prepare you mentally and physically for the success ahead.
  • Get a quality, sharp chef’s knife.
  • Watch the cooking temperature.
  • Don’t improvise too much.
  • Be flexible!
  • Get some inspiration with a great meal.





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