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ALBAIK began in 1974 in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, when the late Shakur Abu Ghazalehsaw the need for high-quality, affordable food, served quickly and politely, in a clean and pleasant environment. Putting all his savings into this venture, Shakur signed an exclusive agency contract with an overseas company to use proprietary fried chicken spice mixes and equipment and was the first to introduce the concept of “breast” chicken in all markets. Introduced. Saudi Arabia.

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Albaik was registered as a trademark in Saudi Arabia in 1986. In December 2020, Albaik opened two branches in Bahrain, marking the first time the chain expanded outside of Saudi Arabia. Albayk popularized chicken in the fast food industry, especially in the Islamic world, due to the sale of halal (allowed) food.

Albayk has more than 40 branches in Jeddah, which is its main headquarters: ten branches in Makkah, eight branches in Medina, two branches in Baridah, one branch in Anizeh, one in Taif, one in Yanbu, one in Riyadh, one in Qunfudah, One in Al Leith. , Al-Kharj and one in Al-Jabil. Recently, Albeek has begun to expand further into the central region of Saudi Arabia, opening two branches in Buridah and one in Abha, with more branches planned for the city, in addition to other major cities in the region. This is the first time the chain has expanded beyond its core service area in the western provinces of Saudi Arabia. Albaik was also introduced in the southern province of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Jizan in 2016. As of 2022, Albaik is building its new branch in Albaha and currently has more than 120 locations.


The recipe for 18 secret herbs and spices was first developed in 1984. Albaic chicken varieties were first sold in 1994 with the addition of Harag, a spicy variety of Albaic chicken. Seafood first appeared on the menu with the introduction of jumbo shrimp in 1995 and value shrimp the following year.

  • ALBAIK Chicken Meal. 4 or 8 pieces + fries + bun + 2 garlic sauces. …
  • Jumbo Shrimp Meal. 8 or 10 pieces + fries + bun + 2 cocktail sauces. …
  • Chicken Fillet Nuggets Meal. 7 or 10 pieces + fries + bun + sauce of your choice. …
  • Chicken Fillet Sandwich. Also available as a combo (fries + soft drink) …
  • Fish Fillet Meal

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A fish fillet meal

Popular Food of Al-Baik:

Like many southern states, Alabama is famous for its barbecue and even has its own white barbecue sauce. But it’s also well known for many other Southern and soulful dishes, such as fried tomatoes, classic pulled pork, collard greens, fried chicken, shrimp and grits, and tomato pie.

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In 1996, the Young Scientist Program was introduced as part of Albayq and Coca-Cola’s social responsibility commitment to society in collaboration with the Jeddah Science and Technology Center. The educational and training program for Khaneh Kahraman children was introduced for the first time in 2001. In 2005, “Nazea and Wartan” – clean up the world program was introduced for Saudi Arabia with Coca-Cola, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program and Jeddah Science. And the price of the technology center is around 12 Rials.

Commitments with Customer:

For over 45 years, the Al Baik suggestion box in all our stores has been filled with your comments and suggestions. Al Baik has analyzed, researched, and tested your requests with respect to each offer, as part of their continuous efforts to improve and develop their menu to proudly provide their customers with the highest quality food at the best price. The price of Albaic menu items may vary depending on the location and the specific items ordered. In general, Albayk’s menu prices are reasonable and competitive with other fast food chains. Customers can expect to pay around 20-30 Saudi Riyals (equivalent to around 5-8 USD) for a meal that includes an appetizer and a side dish.


Al-Baik has always provided halal and quality food. Since 1974 till today, there has never been any difference in taste in Al-Baik food. They have always improved their standards. This is the reason why people in Saudi Arabia prefer to eat Al-Baik more than McDonalds.






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